Below are the field definitions for the Order endpoints.

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"orderID": "string"// Unique identifier for Order as assigned by (BitMEX). 

"clOrdID": "string", // clOrdID refers to "Client Order ID" which is an optional field that you can use to personally identify your open orders.

"clOrdLinkID": "string"// Permits order originators to tie together groups of orders in which trades resulting from orders are associated for a specific purpose, for example the calculation of average execution price for a customer or to associate lists submitted to a broker as waves of a larger program trade.

"account": 0,// Your unique account ID.

"symbol": "string", // The contract for this position.

"side": "string",// Side of order.

"simpleOrderQty": 0// Depreciated 

"orderQty": 0// Quantity Ordered 

"price": 0,// Price of contract

"displayQty": 0// The quantity to be displayed . Required for reserve orders. On orders specifies the qty to be displayed, on execution reports the currently displayed quantity.

"stopPx": 0// Price of contract 

"pegOffsetValue": 0// Amount (signed) added to the peg for a pegged order in the context of the  PegOffsetType (836) (Prior to FIX 4.4 this field was of type PriceOffset)

"pegPriceType": "string"// Defines the type of peg.

"currency": "string"// Identifies currency used for price.

"settlCurrency": "string", // The settlement currency of the contract

"ordType": "string", // Order Type 

"timeInForce": "string"// Specifies how long the order remains in effect. Absence of this field is interpreted as DAY.

"execInst": "string"// Instructions for order handling on exchange trading floor. If more than one instruction is applicable to an order, this field can contain multiple instructions separated by space.

"contingencyType": "string"// Depreciated 

"exDestination": "string"// Execution destination as defined by institution when order is entered.

"ordStatus": "string"// Identifies current status of order

"triggered": "string"// Indication of whether an order is triggered or not (e.g "StopOrderTriggered"). 

"workingIndicator": true,// Indicates if the order is currently being worked.

"ordRejReason": "string",// Code to identify reason for order rejection.

"simpleLeavesQty": 0,// depreciated 

"leavesQty": 0// Quantity open for further execution.

"simpleCumQty": 0, // 

"cumQty": 0// Total number of contracts filled.

"avgPx": 0, // Calculated average price of all fills on this order.

"multiLegReportingType": "string", // 

"text": "string",// Free format text string.

"transactTime": "2020-09-14T02:26:43.058Z",// Time of execution/order creation

"timestamp": "2020-09-14T02:26:43.058Z"



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