A full list of supported ID documents can be found at https://onfido.com/supported-documents/.

All images should be a full-colour photograph (or video, if requested) that is in focus, contains one ID document/face, and does not have any object or framing obscuring or cutting off any part of the subject. We recommend that users use a mobile device to go through this process as it is easier, and image quality is usually better.

Some tips for capturing a good quality image of your ID document:

  • Natural light is better than a flash when photographing your ID document. 
  • Try to take the photo directly above the document, without any shadow covering document itself. 
  • All four edges of the document should be visible and near the border of the image. 
  • All information on the document should be clear and readable - blurred or partially obscured images are unlikely to work.  
  • It may help to photograph your ID document against a dark background.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept an ID document that is:

  • Not on the list of supported documents
  • A digital ID document, or a picture of a scan or photocopy
  • Physically damaged
  • Expired