The following is a help sheet to assist you with completing 2FA verification. An example of when you may be asked to complete an ID verification is when you need to reset your 2FA. The following information is only relevant to you if you have been asked to complete an ID verification.

On the first screen, you will be required to select the country that has issued your ID and choose a supported ID type.

On the second screen, you will need to upload a photo of your ID. Please ensure that the whole ID is clear and the edges are not cut off. If you are using an ID card to complete the check, the next screen will ask for a picture of the backside of your ID - please complete this even if you do not think there is any important or unique information on the back of your ID.

On the final screen, you will be required to pass our liveness detection test. Please follow the prompts, and ensure your face is correctly positioned in the centre of the screen. A picture should be taken automatically when your face is in the correct position.  

If you have any questions please try clicking the "Help" text in the top right corner of the ID check widget, or contact us directly via the following form -